How Easy Is It to Fool People and Pull the Wool Over Their Eyes to Hide the Real God?

Untruths work and on the off chance that they are said frequently enough and added to with unconfirmed proof they gain perpetually footing. Individuals love puzzles and the more profound they are the more noteworthy they will in general move toward becoming. So it is with frameworks that they are indoctrinated into individuals from birth. Obviously, the real one is religion. The profundity of misleading and lies can’t be comprehended in view of the material created over hundreds of years in help of them.

So it is with paradise and damnation. Neither can be seen, heard, contacted, smelt, or generally experienced but then the dominant part are so sold on their reality that the World Order depends on them. Religions have pride of spot in each nation and are distant.

The central issue is how obvious would they say they are and what do they speak to? Dazzle acknowledgment is the request of the day in view of the term ‘confidence’. This is the best blinding word in the dictionary. It speaks to things like the ruler with no garments that nobody views in case they humiliate him.

“Without confidence the works are dead” is one of the lines in the New Testament. In any case, from where does such a case come? Whatever works does it allude?

The dependable are, in this way, the individuals who lead on making no inquiries and looking for no answers. In any case, how could they arrive in such a state and who is behind it? The appropriate response is in the good book.

“For God has spilled out upon you the soul of profound rest, and hath shut our eyes;… Furthermore, the vision of all is progressed toward becoming unto you as the expressions of a book that is fixed… ” Isaiah 29:10,11

That book is the holy book and nobody can completely comprehend it. That is on the grounds that men have added to God’s pledge and they have changed the idea of the Divine from the Great Spirit of the Universe into a man that they could slaughter and control – and individuals get bulldozed by it.

The proof against religion begins with my resurrection and learning that paradise and hellfire are dreams. They were concocted in Babylon in love of the sun, whose name is Mary. It is from ‘mama r-I’ and signifies ‘mother’s amazing eye’. She was stylised into a lady whom men could ‘wed’ and progress toward becoming divine beings in the divine circle that was named ‘paradise’ or ‘heaven’.

Lords utilized this lie to guarantee responsibility for, land, and property. It’s the reason we cover regulatory obligations and bow to rulers. Amid their royal celebration, they as far as anyone knows ‘bite the dust’ and rise to Mary to wind up a divine being. Notice the sphere which is the sun spoken to as a circle and the cross demonstrating their torturous killing.

Indeed, men kicked the bucket on crosses to ‘wed’ Mary and move toward becoming divine beings. That is the reason priests and different religious bodies sport red, the shade of blood. It as far as anyone knows demonstrates that they also have passed on the cross and turn into a divine being. The individuals who trust this are regarded to endure.

“They that fed carefully are forlorn in the boulevards; they that were raised in red grasp dunghills.” Lamentations 4:5

Since individuals effectively fall for the traps and the enchantment of religious associations they are casualties of the untruths they retain. They may encourage gently on what they accept is the body and blood of their Savior while they are reviled and throw away by the genuine God. Those without a connection to the Spirit are gotten in the snare making it simple for them to agree to the desire of men.